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(Where has this gun been all my life?)

Dove hunting is an addiction of mine, but in my defense, admitting is the first step. I'm also a fanatic sporting clays shooter. I love the challenge and the skill it takes to be successful at the game. Those clays can be as fast as doves; however, they don't taste as good! During a recent visit to Bass Pro Shops, I was talking with some customers who were looking at shotguns for the upcoming hunting season. All of us were having a great conversation about what we shoot, what our favorite gun is and what game we pursue. The conversation covered everything for pumps to semi-autos as well as what we could all afford. I had just given a seminar on dove and wing shooting basics so some of the attendees wanted to know more about my firearm of choice.

I proceeded to tell everyone about my most recent purchase which was the Weatherby SA-08. I had wanted a semi-auto in 20 GA for not only dove hunting but for sporting clays as well as skeet shooting. I'm an IDNR certified wing shooting instructor and being a left hand shooter, there are some guns that fit me better than others. The second I mounted the SA-08, I knew I had to have this gun. Now some of you out there might say, "Well how did you know so quickly?" My less than scientific answer is; you know a good fit when you feel it. The more professional answer is that when I mounted that gun, it "fit" me so well that it easily came to my face and there was no feeling of my face coming down to the gun. This is extremely important because if your face comes down to the stock and your head lies over to one side, it will cause you to miss more often due to the improper sight alignment with your eye looking over the barrel instead of down the barrel.

I immediately noticed the checkering on the grip was very comfortable and made the gun solid and well balanced in my hands. Most importantly, as my eyes looked down the barrel, the sight picture of where I would see my targets was very clear and unobstructed. That was due to the top rib which aids in target acquisition as well as dissipates heat which is essential. Because once you shoot this gun, you will want to shoot it more!

The SA-08 is lightweight and has an extremely durable injection molded stock. The dual valve system can handle a wide range of loads and also has very light recoil. I was impressed at how fast my follow up shots were, which can be more typical of "gas" guns compared to inertia driven guns. All the metal on this gun has a matte black finish which means no glare. I really like for bird hunting.

The Weatherby SA-08 was made for high volume shooting and this new "dove gun" of mine will also be a great choice for sporting clays and/or skeet shooting. The Weatherby line is known for quality and affordability. I will buy another Weatherby not only because of how this gun preformed, but because I know I will get more than I paid for when it comes to reliability and dependability. I have shot numerous shotguns from different companies over the years and can honestly say this new SA-08 is the best 20 GA gun I have ever broke a clay target with. Where has this gun been all my life? For more information about Weatherby products and where to purchase them, please visit