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Spectra Shot

As an IDNR certified shotgun instructor as well as a self-proclaimed waterfowl head case and sporting clays head addict, whenever a new shotgun or shell comes to the market I am always curious as to its makeup. Since I not only love to shoot, but hunt as well I am always looking for those tools that could lead to better performance in both. Don't get me wrong, better performance first comes from learning and adhering to the basics of proper shot gunning. When something goes wrong, in most cases it's the person behind the gun loading the shells not the equipment itself. With that being said innovations are created by a need to improve on something. Necessity is the mother of invention and where there is a need my friends there is the American spirit that strives to make something better. So I would like to introduce you to Spectra Shot.
Spectra Shot is headquartered in Lafayette, LA and the top shot there is Blair Michel. I came across Spectra Shot on Face Book and was curious to its make up so I contacted Mr. Michel and found out that he is among other things a shooting coach for the local high school as well a serious entrepreneur who demanded more from his shooting. The result of all this and more was Spectra Shot an American product put together by hard working Americans! Spectra Shot, is a premium shotgun shell made of the high quality components. This shotgun shell is unique not only because of its top quality hull, wad, pellets, and powder, but also because the pellets are coated through a patented, proprietary process completed in the USA. The end result is a shell that provides optimal performance for hunting and clay shooting.
Hey Waterfowlers, you all have the buddy who yells "I got him" on every duck that comes in. Now you can prove or disprove this "claimer" on every bird! Shot pellets are color coated through the proprietary process, mentioned above. This color does not wear off and is easily identified when you clean the bird. Who shot the banded goose? Yellow pellets say it was YOUR bird! You can pick from several colors and even have custom colors made. On a recent trip to Canada I got to test the patterning and consistency of Spectra Shot while filming for Hook and Hunt Not only was the patterning dense and consistent, but at 1400 foot per second and due to the shell design, Spectra Shot was one of the hardest hitting softest shooting shells I have ever put through a gun. I shot one shell of Spectra Shot mixed in with two other types of shells and felt the difference. The recoil of this shell is designed on a curve and I shot my first TRIPLE, meaning 3 shots and 3 mallard ducks fell to the ground and we got it all on film to prove it! I was able to get on another bird due to less recoil and make a clean shot.
Color is one thing, but I could care less about colored pellets if the shell does not preform and the patterns are not consistent. The 3-inch #2's that I shot, did extremely well on diver as well as puddle ducks and brought numerous snow as well as Canada geese to the ground. I must admit I was a little surprised at some long distance shots I made, on purpose to test the patterning of these shells. I was extremely pleased with the range of these shells.
For more information of Spectra Shot, you can visit their page at and/or e-mail them at You can also order from that page as well and check out a Cabela's retailer who also carries the brand. I was extremely impressed with Spectra Shot. The product works, is hard hitting, water resistant and adds a new dimension of fun, especially to hunting. When your buddy says "he got it" without question you will be able to congratulate him or prove to him that he must be color blind. With Spectra Shot, proof positive is the COLOR of innovation.