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Being a shot gun aficionado I'm always on the lookout for products that will clean my guns thoroughly. Well a couple weeks ago I came across Rusty Duck cleaning products from a conversation with Dan Bader of Hydra tone Chemicals. "Jim you have not experienced anything like Rusty Duck before, He stated. This is a real cleaning product!" Well needless to say I had heard that before and being totally honest, was a bit skeptical; however, I take pride in my firearms, enjoy shooting sporting clays and love to waterfowl hunt, so as usual was game for something new. Dan was quite passionate in his explanation of the product and from experience I have found that real passion is almost impossible to fake so I was looking forward to testing out the Rusty Duck product line.
I had purposely left my Winchester SX3 un-cleaned after several hunts and as hard as that was for me to do; I really wanted to test out what Rusty Duck had to offer. Looking over the gun as I was breaking it down to clean, it was a mess. The action was loaded with fowling and debris from recent hunts and the dirt and grime was very evident. The gas piston was black and to be honest, this was going to be a real test for any cleaning product. So after I took the action out of the gun I placed it on my cleaning mat and sprayed the Rusty Duck premium gun action cleaner. Immediately I was shocked as the dirt and debris drip away. This is not an over statement and the results in this case were instantaneous! This product acted fast. The extension tube that comes with every can fits into the tightest places of any action and gets to work dissolving grime, oil and whatever else your gun action has that could easily cause jamming and slow response. For over and under shotguns, I promise your injectors will never be cleaner than with Rusty Duck. I was also amazed at how the chamber and barrel looked with NO residue. Make no mistake, this is for METAL parts only and is a very complete cleaner. As A PRECAUTION KEEP IT AWAY FROM PAINTED AREAS. There is no rinsing necessary and the inside of my shotguns have not looked this clean since the day I bought them.
After I used the premium gun action cleaner I then applied the Rusty Duck Protective Gun Lubricant. This product not only protects, it removes rust and displaces water as well. This is the product to use after one of those freezing rain ducky days. Great for moving parts and can be used on fishing reels as well as other hunting and camping equipment. The action on my shotgun slammed close after I sprayed just a small amount of this protectant on and with the chain of rust inhibitors that the Rusty Duck protectant gun lubricant has I am completely convinced that my gun has never been cleaner and will continue to work to its full capacity because its protected by the best in the business!
It can be said that with age comes skepticism; however, one should also always keep an open mind. Balancing the two can be a challenge; and what you find could surprise and please you. I was very pleased with the results from testing Rusty Duck cleaning products. Simply stated they work and work better than any products I have tried so far and that is saying a lot. Gun owners to keep your products in the best condition you can, I highly and energetically recommend Rusty Duck. They are solid NRA supporters so call them at 1-800-672-3888 or find them at and click on Rusty Duck.