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More than 2 decades of making lures that work

When I received an e-mail from Tom Wilkening that he was still making lures and he wanted me to see some of his recent creations, I immediately responded to his interest. You see well over 20 years ago it was Tom's spinnerbait the Willow-flex that I first cashed a check in a tournament on. This unique spinnerbait was different. The flexible upper arm was great around cover and "stepped" out of the way during the hook set. Some say the flexible blade arm adds vibrations.

The great thing about it all is that the blade arm "flexes" and instantly returns to it's original position. The main frame of the "Willow-Flex" spinnerbait is rigid stainless steel for that solid hook set. Years ago I had great success with the lure that helped to spawn a following throughout Illinois.

Well I'm pleased to say that Mr. Wilkening is still making lures and his vision of quality has increased as well as his typical attention to detail that I remember so well. His lineup has grown considerably over the years and he has added to the Willow Flex line up with impressive creations. The custom Willow Flex which is pictured here is an incredibly built lure. Probably one of the finest I have seen in a long time. The holographic scales and blades bring a unique lifelike flash to the lure coming through the water. To me the #4 size blades have always been the key to the effectiveness of this lure. That size is deadly on any man made reservoir throughout the Midwest and rarely seen on a lure of this quality. The hooks are extremely sharp and the lure can be burned without any chance of rolling over. It actually rocks a little side to side on a very fast retrieve which can lead to bone jarring strikes.

A great lure in heavy cover, let the Willow Flex "flutter" next to any cover and hold on. The flexible wire easily collapses as a fish strikes and a sure hook up is common place.

The willow flex spinner baits have a high price tag to them, however, there are high quality components, innovation and without question fish attracting appeal built into everyone. These were truly tested throughout the years to achieve this design and the incredible consistent results.

Tom Wilkening's Willow-flex Spinner bait is not a re-invention of the wheel but a superior spinnerbait. It's that good. I highly recommend checking out all Tom & Creature Catcher lures has to offer and keep your eye on what he has coming in the future, your live wells could fill easier because of it.