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A key to YOUR success!

As long as I have been in the outdoors industry, I have seen my fair share of tackle organizational systems. A lot of them have come and gone well still more are collecting dust and were never assembled because they looked like a better idea on the store shelf than when the purchaser took them out of the box once they arrived home. To be honest I have never truly found a system that I liked enough, to tell people about it. I'm guilty of having a couple of these systems that are still sitting in boxes because once opened, they looked like a primal test for rocket science 101. I quickly became uninterested! However, over the last year, doing sport shows and in store promotions for different venues including quite a few at Bass Pro Shops I started noticing different products by ORGANIZED FISHING. Their web site is and I usually wait till the end to add a link, but this company is important enough with the products they have and how they have made my storage solutions more accessible and systematic that you need to see it twice!

Organized fishing is a company based out of Burlington Iowa and their name is well stated because their products do just that, they help anyone and I mean anyone get organized. I had been interested in their Tackle Trolley for over a year and decided to buy one at a Local Farm King Store on a recent trip to Macomb, Illinois. The tackle trolley is a great product on lockable wheels that has 4 shelves rod holders that support 12 rods and even hooks to hold bags of plastic baits or lures. I wheeled mine from the side of my boat loaded up with tackle boxes etc. from a recent trip, over to my "tackle room" unload and load up for another lake, wheel back over to my boat and I'm ready to load in. A fantastic, very affordable and easy to assemble product. It took me just 10 minutes to put it together!

I recently received their newest addition to their line up and that is the GAME CHANGER. A wall mounted unit that can hold rods, reels, a tackle bag, coats, and more. It is a Game Changer and I mounted it above my boat. I can now take rods that I do not yet have rigged, and put them on the game changer. As I take one down and get it ready it goes into my rod locker. I don't have a mess of rods in the boat. I can switch clothing from jackets to hats, to different fishing line all stored neatly and easily with in arms reach of my boat. This is yet, another great product from Organized Fishing. The Game Changer was so easy to assemble it took longer looking for my screw driver than it did for me to assemble this product. I kid you not, Organized Fishing is "ORGANIZED" from start to finish. I love this company and their easily affordable accessories.

I highly recommend that you visit and view their product line. There is a lot to choose from and all Organized Fishing products will save you time, money, frustration and give you more storage solutions. These products will be a key to YOUR success.