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It's always my favorite way to start off the hunting season. Dove hunting is a blast, it can excite and humble you all in just one shot. The grey ghost of the air are missiles with feathers and can show up out of nowhere when you least expect it. Without question decoying birds will come in range quicker and more committed than just hoping to shoot some passer byes. I have used many different decoys over the years and recently I added one that I'm so excited about I had to share it with all of you. You are going to want the DOVE FEEDING FRENZY!
The most advanced dove decoying device ever developed, owner Jamie Bulger has come up with a fantastic product. It rotates 3 winged dove decoys in a clock-wise, circular bumping motion which simulates doves feeding on the ground. The unit itself will run for 8 hours on just 4 high quality AA batteries. The 3 doves that come with it are hand painted with realistic colors and look more like a dove than any other decoy I have ever see. The trick, however is in the thin photographic wings that easily attach to each decoy. They are incredibly life like and move in the slightest breeze. You can also purchase the winged dove decoy separately. Each decoy has clips so you can mount them to a tree, a post or wherever. They also each come with a 24 inch stake to mount in the ground if you choose.
One of the most innovative and realistic decoy systems for dove hunting I have ever seen. I purchased one right away and will be filming with it during this dove season. Hunter's-edge also has numerous other innovative products and you can see their complete line up at The dove feeding frenzy and the Winged Dove decoy are winners for sure. There is a limited supply of these and are very reasonably priced. Add these products to your set up this season, you'll be glad you did.