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PELICAN'S Laptop Backpack

As an outdoor writer and photographer, I take electronics in the field with me on a regular basis. The problem has always been, properly protecting that gear in a way that helps me to relax for the task I have to complete.

I've traveled to 7 different countries hunting, fishing and filming those adventures. My camera guys like to edit on location when possible but we never felt comfortable about bringing our laptop because one bad mishap and I could be looking at an extremely costly repair. With that being said I have trusted Pelican products for years to protect all my camera gear, my shotguns etc. Plain and simple Pelican makes the best cases in the industry. So I was thrilled when I found out about their new Sport S105 Laptop Backpack.

Pelican has designed an impact protective laptop frame with the same quality that has protected defense, emergency and scientific expedition equipment through the most extreme conditions on earth. The ergonomic design is very comfortable with well-placed padding and reinforced, adjustable shoulder straps. This pack has ample storage to hold up to a 17" Apple laptop! But that's not all, there is a rigid front plate that protects my cords, portable mic's and cell phone. The main storage area is 19.5 inches and holds my GoPro and all its attachments plus my digital camera.

The design of the Laptop Backpack made traveling through the airport on the way to my connecting flight, more comfortable. The design of the shoulder straps and the deep ventilated channel back allows you to walk in a normal upright position. Other back packs, for whatever the reason always seem to make you lean forward in an un-natural way. I did not find this to be the case with the Pelican ProGear Sport S105.

The impact resistant frame is also padded on the inside to cushion your laptop as well as protect it. For as compact as this pack is, you can organize a lot of expensive video and audio equipment and be assured that it will be protected even in extreme temperatures.

As with other Pelican products I own, you buy them once. They are built well, extremely functional and meant to last a lifetime. I intend to purchase more Pelican ProGear because quite simply I have never been disappointed in quality of material, protection or reliability.

Pelican is the best at what they do, and what they do is protect your gear! Check out what Pelican has to offer and experience the best in protection at