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Hands up or down the best protection from the sun

As an avid angler I spend a lot of time not only on the water but out in the sun. In the last 2 months alone, I have been to 3 different states filming episodes for my show, Hook & Hunt From Missouri, on to Arkansas and just recently in Louisiana the sun can get downright hot. You need to stay hydrated as well as stay protected from the sun. I have to admit that when I was younger being "protected from the sun" was not a major concern. However as time passed I saw the damage the sun can do to unprotected skin. It's not anything I would want to happen to me, let alone anyone else. So I decided to change my approach.
On a recent salt water angling adventure to Venice, Louisiana I checked the forecast before we headed south to see that the weather conditions would be hot, humid and oh, did I mention HOT? I packed my light weight long and short sleeve shirts as well as plenty of sun block, hats and sunglasses. This time around I also packed a pair of Glacier Gloves new Ascension Bay Sun Gloves. That proved to be a great decision as we were fishing oil and gas rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico. There is nowhere to hide from the sun out there unless you provide your own shade and protection. The fishing can be fast and furious. With all the action you forget about two things, staying hydrated and protecting every inch of skin you can from the penetrating sun. Skin cancer cases are nothing to take lightly and more anglers forget about their hands than anything else.
The Ascension Bay Sun Gloves are a light weight, breathable, fingerless sun glove with 50+ UPF sun protection. They also include, Dr. Shade Lycra/Spandex Back with Synthetic Leather Palm which makes holding on to rods and reels extremely easy and more importantly gives the angler a solid grip!
I was very impressed with these and to be quite honest, I forgot I had them on which is exactly how I want a sun glove to feel. I must admit that I was not at all surprised because as a waterfowl hunter I have used products from Glacier Glove in the past. I believe in their products, they work, are durable and extremely well priced with excellent quality. Check out the New Ascension Bay Sun Gloves as well as Glacier Gloves entire product lines that include fishing, hunting, sun and cycling at