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I am first and foremost a duck and goose guy. My passion is waterfowl hunting. Just as any other hunter, I am always looking for an edge. Sporting clays and skeet shooting also rank right up there in my pursuits. The clay targets don’t taste anywhere near as good as ducks but they sure are fun to shoot. You can obviously see where some of my passions lie, so with that being said patterns or let me say consistency in “true” patterns are what I am after. You see shotguns are different than rifles in that with rifles’ you aim at a target. With a shotgun you point. When your target crosses somewhere in front of you, you get on the leading edge, keep the gun moving and pull the trigger. So your target, literally runs into your ‘shot string” So knowing what and how your gun preforms with the best choke tube aligned with gun and ammo are some of the factors that will make a difference in the success of your shooting.

So when I met William Lambert of SumToy Customs through Facebook I was very interested in what he had to say. “Jim, SumToy Customs are a division of SumToy barrels and chokes. We started this as fun and when we started to win some of the bigger clay competitions, other competitors came to us to “fix” their equipment. Since then, our chokes have a world title and other championships. People have now asked me to start producing hunting chokes including turkey and waterfowl. So here we are. We take pride in what we build. Every choke goes through my hands before it gets sold.”

I went to the SumToy Customs website and took a look around. I have to admit, their chokes are cool to look at, but a lot of choke tubes are. Most hunting chokes, look mean and most sporting clay tubes look somewhat stylish. As far as esthetics go, they look great. However, I have tested many a choke tube that looks mean and the only thing that I shot with consistency was the cash in my wallet! I had to try these because a manufacturer that makes tubes for sporting clays first, to me knows that every broken target counts and the more pellets you can put on target, the better your odds for a high score.

One of my favorite waterfowl guns is an 11-87 so William made me chokes for skeet, improved cylinder and light modified. These are not only good sporting clay chokes; they are excellent for duck and goose hunting. I tested them on paper and they did extremely well with lead. So I then tried them with steel which will choke tighter than lead and again I was impressed with the numbers of pellets on target, but also with how tight the group was for each separate choke tube at their respected distances.

Then I took the tubes hunting. Here was the result……..dead ducks down! I honestly and completely recommend that all clay shooters, waterfowl and turkey hunters check out THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! The pattern consistency for these chokes is above average and consistent for all loads I shot and better from all other tubes I have tested. They do custom work depending on your gun and prices are extremely reasonable. I was overly impressed and that does not come easy with me. Give William Lambert a call at 912-237-4360. You will experience what I have and that is the perfection of extension.