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by: Glacier Glove

As a waterfowler there is almost nothing that can ruin a hunt as fast as cold hands. With numbing fingers, the cold and wet that is part of just about each and every hunt sets in fast and even the simplest of tasks become grueling. The problem, for me, has always been to find a pair of gloves that allows me to set out and pick up decoys, yet use when it comes time to pull the trigger. Most gloves are too bulky and to be honest, they are not as "waterproof" as they claim. They get in the way more than they help and if there is a pair that leaks, I'll be the guy to buy that pair!
Glacier glove has been a company for over 25 years and produced their first glove on the shores of Pyramid Lake, Nevada. From those beginnings they have produced hardcore proven products and their most recent addition is the Pro Waterfowler glove. I have already used the glove in the field this year with excellent, warm and dry results. First of all they use the Advantage Max4 HD pattern which is a true duck/goose pattern. The waterproofing is superb due to their blind stitched and glued seams. Their patented Touchrite technology on the index and thumb of each glove makes loading shells easy. The gloves have a sure grip in the slipperiest of conditions and what I really like is how the gloves are formed with curved fingers to help fight fatigue. That is a nice touch. A Velcro closure adds to the secure fit and feel and helps keep the warmth in.
This is also an excellent upland glove and they go with me when I pheasant hunt as well. As I noted previously, the grip on these gloves is extremely reliable and makes shouldering any shotgun as solid as if you had no gloves on at all. The Pro waterfowler glove is truly the perfect mix of dexterity and comfort.
You might be interested to know that Glacier Glove products are not only used by hunters and fisherman but are also used by the U.S coast guard, climbers on Mt. Everest and Aconcagua and by the Navy Seals!
For more information on the quality products from GLACIER GLOVE check them out at you can also keep up with their adventures on Face Book, Twitter and You Tube.
Waterfowlers, this is a product you will want as they are also excellent when it comes to picking up decoys in icy water. Glacier glove will keep you warm, dry and are the peak in performance.