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I have been in the outdoor industry for over twenty years. The good Lord has blessed me with travel, adventure and a taste for the fruits of my labor. I love wild game. From the fresh and salt water fish that I pursue to my passion for goose and duck hunting, if I catch or kill it, I fry or grill it! So when I spoke to Melissa Yerxa, owner of Local Legends, I was drawn to her passion immediately. Melissa grew up in the Pacific Flyway; she knows ducks and duck hunting! We had a great conversation and her passion for hunter orientated food products is quite evident. I like people who have passion for something and Melissa had me convinced I had to try their marinades. Being part Italian, it's never hard to convince me when it comes to food. Read on my friends, and bring your appetite, I promise you will be hungry after this.
I have tried more marinades and seasonings than I can remember. I have made my own concoctions as well and they were good, but I have always been left with that, "well next time I'll add this" feeling. I received a wonderful assortment of samples from Local Legends and the first thing I did was take the cap off the Duck and Goose marinade. You heard me right; Local Legends has not only an all-purpose seasoning but game specific marinades! The smell that arose for the bottle was heavenly and so I'm a guy, I stuck my finger inside to taste it and it tasted incredible! I had a snow goose and large Canada goose already for the test. I let the goose breast marinade in the Waterfowl marinade for 24 hours. I then broiled the breast on high for 15 minutes. To say this was the tastiest most juicy goose breast I have ever tasted would be the understatement of the year. It was mouthwatering, but this taste test was not complete.
The next day I left for a hunt and packed up some of the goose that I had prepared. I hunt with a great group of guys who probably have close to 100 years waterfowl hunting and cooking combined between all of them. Most of us have travel North America in pursuit of our passion and have eaten goose and duck with every kind of bacon and teriyaki sauce that the market has to offer. So when I gave each of my buddies a sample, here is what they said. "Juicy what marinade did you use?" "Wow, that's good what did you do different?" "Jim that's awesome, its cold and I love it!" "Hey man that's good goose, any left?" However, the taste test was still not yet complete.
I arrived the next day at work and as usual I bring in some sample for the guys who never get off the couch but love that I hunt! However, I have been after a friend of mine at work who would NEVER try any wild game whatsoever. Finally he said, "Crowley, I'll try one piece and that's it. Then maybe you'll stop bugging me." (He eats processed meat like it's going out of style, but pure meat has been out of the question.) A group had gathered to watch the spectacle that was about to take place. He took a piece of the goose and then a small bite, said nothing, looked at me and shoved the rest in his mouth. "Darn it, he said. That was good!" I had won the taste war! Actually in my book, Local legends have won the taste war and then some.
Local legends makes a bunch of game specific marinades including the previously mentioned waterfowl along with a variety of others including marinades for Venison, wild boar, elk, bear and antelope. Their ALL PURPOSE seasoning is also excellent and their rice blends are a perfect complement to any meal. What makes this even better is that their products will help you to enjoy your kills even more and make food that taste so good, it will be even more of a pleasure to share with family and friends. Last thing to tell you duck hunters. The waterfowl marinade even worked on diver ducks which although I like are no mallards or wood ducks. However, buffle heads are one of my favorite diver's ducks and Local Legends marinade made a good duck a great duck. Hey anglers, Local legends did not forget you; I would hook up with their ANGLERS CHOICE marinade if I was you. Your walleye will be an eye opener.
Local legends products are the real deal. Their products are fairly priced with outstanding quality and superb taste that will leave your guest, family and your own taste buds drooling for more. I highly recommend Local legends products. You can easily see all they have to offer at
Give them a shot and you'll be hooked. They truly are a Legend in the making!