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If you grow it they will come

Two years ago I set out to build a small pond on my property. After years of saving and research the digging started. Now it was a matter of turning my new "hole in the ground" into something. As the pond started to fill we added an aeration system to provide current and keep down on weed growth. Bluegills and small mouth bass were added. A feeding program for the fish is now utilized and it's been great watching everything grow. However, I still needed something that would help to attract more ducks and geese. Now you will see there was a method to my madness. As a waterfowl hunter I wanted to make my pond the best "restaurant" in town. I wanted to give the birds a reason to be at my place. They had water, security and now what they needed was food!
Last February I met Doug Kostreva who is the owner of the Horny Buck Seed co. Now I have to admit, their logo and name caught my attention right away. No problem, that's excellent marketing! I picked up a brochure at his booth and one of the first things I see besides seed mixtures for deer, was the Feathered Friends mixture! Ok, you now have my undivided attention. So as I was talking to Doug, I really liked his knowledge and enthusiasm about his product. I am drawn to people who are passionate about something. God has blessed me with a love for the outdoors and you could see Doug was very excited about his product and so was I as I had never considered a "food plot" for ducks and geese!
As a previous owner of a beef cattle operation, Doug Kostreva gained an understanding of herd health, genetics and growth of animals. He learned that for cattle to grow, they need protein, minerals and vitamins. Deer thrive on those same minerals, vitamins and proteins also needed for endurance and growth. Waterfowl need vitamins, protein and minerals as well especially during the cold of winter! With a good food source, and access to water, animals need not go far and have a reason to come back!
I have deer around my property too and with this Feathered Friends mixture, I am feeding both waterfowl and deer, so to me this will be a perfect storm. The Mixture is well suited for my situation because it contains 10% hybrid sunflower, 30% grain sorghum, 30% proso millet and 30% buckwheat. I have already planted the mixture and it's coming up nicely along the dam of my pond as well as an area close by. It won't be long now and the dinner bell will be rung!
All the mixtures that the Horny Buck seed company has are specially selected to promote:
Antler growth as well as a fantastic source of nutrition and protein for not only bucks but does and fawns as well. The mixtures also provide a constant food source for birds and waterfowl as well as shelter for them. So far I am overly impressed with not only the way the mixture is coming up but also the information that I can find on the Horny Buck seed web site. These people know food plots! For more information I highly recommend that you visit Spend some time on this site and you will soon see that their passion and knowledge runs deep. It's obvious they are committed to not only their customers, but to their customers results as well.

With HORNY BUCK SEED, if you build it, they will come.