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SECOND AMENDMENT COFFEE Locked and loaded with great taste

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about a lot of things. Included in the array that makes up my life, I love God; I like my guns and the right to defend myself as well as the satisfaction of a good cup of coffee. Yes I'm a bitter clinger and proud to admit it! As an outdoorsman, when numerous factors in my life happen to come together and produce a superior product, I gravitate toward that idea. I'm drawn as we all are to ideas and products that could add enjoyment to our lives. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to 2nd Amendment coffee!
Necessity is the mother of invention and as far as I'm concerned the motivation behind successful entrepreneurs. Nothing creates a superior product better than factors including competition, willingness to succeed and a passion to do it better than anyone else. Enter Michael Byers, a displaced professional in America's double-dip recession. Instead of going on the government dole, he picked himself up by the bootstraps and created a job for himself by forming a small business, Second Amendment Coffee. In doing so, he combined his passion for great coffees with his love for this great nation! It's his belief that he has the talents & skills that should be utilized to help rebuild the strength of America's economy. To me that shows pride and passion and that my friends is what America is all about! On top of that, he makes some awesome coffee. Let's explore the flavors.
The Light roast coffee has an excellent mild flavor. For coffee commissures, this premium ground coffee is a Brazil Formosa and has a lasting flavor that although not powerful would be a good coffee to have in the duck blind in the morning or at deer camp. This is the coffee that your hunting buddies would enjoy as well as comment, "Hey, that's good coffee!"
The super-premium ground is a medium roast and officially called a Peru High Andes. This is an all-around good coffee and would be the one to enjoy after a good meal or story telling session. Sitting by the fire place or camp fire discussing the hunt or fishing trip of the last year or even prior season, this coffee has a comforting aroma that brings a smile to your face and smells of relaxation and fond memories.
The super ground roast is a French roast coffee also known as South American Sumatra Blend. This is a full body coffee with a bold taste. The eye opener of the Second Amendment lineup this blend could easily warm the body and spirit on a cold morning before an Elk hunt. Your taste buds as well as your body would be warmed and ready for the cold morning, alert to the slightest sounds and ready for what the day has to offer.
I love these coffees! They all have incredible taste as well as a mission. All these premium coffees support Second Amendment Rights. 1% of sales will be donated to the NRA. Their IndieGoGo Campaign is located at The official eBay storefront is located at And they can also be found on Face Book at:
I highly recommend Second Amendment Coffee. Their taste, mission and commitment to both are worth checking out. Great coffee for any occasion and the belief that we are a free republic who has the God given right to defend themselves. Without question, Second Amendment coffees are locked and loaded with taste!