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I am the first to admit that as a waterfowl hunter, I love decoys! It's like going to Toys R Us as a kid; you never grow out of that! Well this season I received my new shipment of decoys from Tanglefree products. I was excited to say the least as I had heard rumors that the new Migration series was not only a step above, but a true hunting decoy that would take your breath away. Well, after 20 years in the outdoor industry, I am skeptical of anything and everything. Not that I want to be but I have seen more re-inventions of the wheel than Henry Ford! However, I was anticipating another good product from Tanglefree. As a company they have been very consistent over the years. Beside Buck Gardner they don't show off a lot of "Big name" hunters and they continue to produce quality products that are affordable and dependable and both are qualities I like in any company.
So as the boxes arrived, the Migration Mallards were the first ones that I literally tore into! I was immediately taken back by the eyes on the first decoy I pulled from the box. The flocked green head and detailed body were brought to life by those eyes. The mallard looked content in the resting posture that I had wanted. The Migration Mallard comes in 3 different positions and also comes as a mixed pack of six if that's how you decided to purchase them. The positions are, upright, resting and skimmer. All of them are very detailed and foam filled. You can not sink them. Rigged on a Tanglefree EZ rig system they do a seductive relaxing dance with perfect posture and move with the slightest breeze aided by the weighted kneel. These are big decoys to that will easily be notice from a long distance away. The rester and upright decoys are 17.75 inches and the skimmer is 21.5 inches in length. Because of the use of high density foam, these decoys ride very high in the water which adds to their lifelike appeal and movement.
As I was testing these out and watching their movement, I noticed that even when its cloudy out, these stand out compared to other decoys. They look and act incredible. The Migration Mallards retail for 99.99 for a pack of 6. You will see these in action as I hunt with them this season on Hook and Hunt However I strongly recommend you do not wait that long. These are the Mallard decoys you have dreamed about. Visit and start your Migration today!