Video Production
Filming Options

Hook and Hunt specializes in bringing your products, places and adventures alive on the internet. Our high definition segments not only highlight your services, but visually express them in a professional and highly energetic way. Package cost will vary depending on the amount of service you require. H&H TV.COM services may include but are not limited to: time, distance traveled, production cost, individuals and/or businesses involved in filming.

Web Commercials

A web commercial that highlights your brand on your site can be an essential visual aid to selling your product, service or destination. A sixty second commercial produced and edited is $3000.00. Our turnaround time is second to none! Everything is in-house and we are in constant contact with you to develop the hardest hitting and informative advertisement to help you raise your bottom line. Let us know what YOU want. We can discuss and build what YOU need.

Additional Editing and Production

Additional editing and production costs such as commercials designed for television markets or specialized product videos can also be arranged through H&H These costs are additional to any package. Travel and accommodation expenses are also paid by advertiser for all destinations.